Regular Evan wallet®

Saffiano leather BLUE
Saffiano leather BLACK
Genuine leather BLACK
Saffiano leather RED
Saffiano leather BLACK (Refurbished)
Saffiano leather BLUE (Refurbished)
Saffiano leather PURPLE (Refurbished)
Genuine leather BLACK (Refurbished)
Genuine leather TAN (Refurbished)

Ainste Evan wallet®

Fisher space pen inside Regular Evan wallet® (Fisher space pen not included.)

Evan Wallet® Demo

For 10 cards and cash folded twice (small size) folded once (Regular size) 

10 cards (top), 5 cards (middle), and 2 cards (bottom)

Evan Wallet® Drop Test

Ainste™ regular sized Evan wallet®

Picture shown has driver license, two insurance cards, one paragliding pilot member card, key card, bus card, credit card, Costco member card, and 4 $20 bills inside the Evan wallet®

Size comparison: regular size (left side) and small size (right side)

Dimensions: Regular - 9 cm X 7.1 cm X 0.5 cm

Small - 9 cm X 6.3 cm X 0.5 cm

Weight: Regular - 0.8 ounces Small - 0.7 ounces


U.S. Patent No. D718,525S

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